about me

Andrea Belvedere is the Chief Technology Officer at Gengo. His passion resides in Software Engineering and Gengo, with its thousands of translators and customers connected from all over the world.

Gengo provides the perfect playground to orchestrate the latest technologies into a resilient system that delivers thousands of words translated every day. Andrea's relationship with computers and programming started way back during the era of Commodor 64.

Several years later, Andrea graduated as a Software Engineer from the University of Westminster in London. Immediately after, he started working at a startup focused on internet security. Five years later, Andrea founded Byteset, a web development company focused on high-end custom built content management system.

In London, Andrea married his wife Asuka, and together they moved to Tokyo in 2009. Soon after, he started working as a contractor at Gengo and after a few years, he joined Gengo full time. Over the past years Andrea built at Gengo a successful and productive engineering team.